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Proposal for utilization of stationary horizontal jib crane for construction DX(Digital Transformation)
Ayiguli AINIMasahiro KUSUMOTO
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2021 Volume 2 Issue 2 Pages 27-33


Digital transformation (DX) is defined as the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of a business`s operations which accelerating the accomplishing of work via more efficiently by remote management and digitizing all process.

At construction site, by ensuring operational excellence and improved customer engagement through effectively managing risk, completing projects on time and on budget, improving workforce safety with the help of digital transformation (DX) is booming. AI techniques used to develop and find the factors influencing the mechanical properties of sustainable concrete1). In earthwork, some ICT construction related construction DX has been introduced. In this paper we focus on the crane which is one of the heavy machines used for movement of materials in structure construction. Cranes are used at construction site to transport materials and equipment. In developed European countries, it is widely used as three types of treasures along with trucks and backhoes. In Japan, on-site transportation at construction sites is often done manually, and cranes are often used when it is difficult to transport manually. For this reason, transportation of heavy materials and material fixing work are a physical burden on skilled workers.

This paper aims to achieve the goal of improving construction DX through comprising crane which is one of the heavy construction machines directly connected to the performance of skilled workers by clarifying the difference in operability and visibility between the hydraulic crane and stationary horizontal jib.

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