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Application of a multiple-tuned mass damper to control floor vibrations
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2022 Volume 3 Issue 2 Pages 47-53


Excessive movements of architectural structures due to human activities have become a prevalent design issue in recent years. These vibrations can result in occupants’ discomfort/annoyance or malfunctioning of sensitive equipment. In an attempt to search for an economical method of resolving this issue, a new multiple-tuned mass damper (MTMD) has been designed and tested. The device consists of four steel plates cantilevered from a central hub. Each plate (wing) has a central slot that can be used for the movement of steel weights to adjust the natural frequencies of the MTMD during the tuning phase. In addition, air dampers connected to each wing provide the required damping for the optimal tuning of the MTMD. This paper details the design of this novel MTMD and provides the analytical equations developed for the tuning of the device. It also provides information on the field tuning of the device to a laboratory floor susceptible to large vibrations due to human movements. Several walking and bouncing tests were conducted at the Virginia Tech Vibration Testing Laboratory to evaluate the performance of the device in reducing excessive floor vibrations. In addition, the MTMD effectiveness to control low vibration levels, which may cause sensitive equipment malfunction, is discussed. It is concluded that the proposed device can provide an economical and effective method of floor vibration control.

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