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Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. G (Environmental Research)
Vol. 69 (2013) No. 6 p. II_175-II_181



Journal of Environmental Systems Research, Vol.41

 Regarding consumer durables such as household appliances, the amount of reduction of power consumption and environmental loads over the entire life cycles varies depending on actual conditions of use of respective consumers. However, neither cost nor environmental information reflecting those conditions are shown in practice. This study evaluates the life cycle cost and environmental loads of light bulbs including incandescent, fluorescent and LED bulbs. Then, the relationships among types of light bulbs, conditions of use, cost and environmental loads are analyzed and visualized. Based on a web-based questionnaire survey on consumers, where each respondent was asked to choose the most desirable type of light bulbs depending on assumed condition of use, the consumers' levels of understanding are investigated according to the way of provision of cost and environmental information. The result shows that the effect of providing environmental information is relatively small, and that a visual representation containing a large amount of information rather tends to inhibit consumers' economically reasonable choices. It is suggested that cost information customized according to conditions of use should contribute to reasonable choice of consumer durables.

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