The Journal of Organization and Discourse
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Investigating the emergence of innovative green technologies using the causal texture model
The effect of Japanese cultural values
Akira Kimata Masayasu Takahashi
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2020 Volume 1 Issue 1 Pages 12-21


Previous studies suggest that humans have significantly upset the balance between nature and society and that people should realize the impact of their activities on nature given the repercussions of global warming for the world at large. Simultaneously, business organizations are under increasing pressure to proactively contribute to a sustainable model that minimizes harm to the world. This study examines innovative green technologies that have emerged in response to this social demand. It applies the causal texture model and examines green technology emergence using discourses from Japanese firms. It further focuses on the Japanese cultural values of mittomonai and mottainai (both relating to the avoidance of undesirable actions) and their role in the learning process of collective causal beliefs. Finally, we present an amended causal texture model to more positively account for the natural environment and to clarify the interdependence between organizations and the environment.

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