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Rinsho yakuri/Japanese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Vol. 47 (2016) No. 6 p. 209-217



Original Article

The importance of biostatistical consultations in clinical research to improve the research quality in academic institutions has been addressed. However, the current status of biostatistical consultation in Japan, especially in local hospitals, remains unclear. We conducted a survey of 27 hospitals participating in the Shizuoka Clinical Trial Network, a local hospital network in Shizuoka, from August 10 to November 31, 2015. The questionnaire was sent using postal mail and mainly inquired the current status of statistical consultation and the needs of consultation. Among 27 hospitals, 22 (81.5%) responded to the survey. Five of 22 hospitals (22.7%) provided biostatistical consultation, and the service was provided by one staff member in 4 of 5 hospitals (80.0%). Eleven of 17 hospitals (64.7%) that did not provide biostatistical consultation answered that the consultation service was required. For the question on why biostatistical consultation service was currently not provided, one of the most frequently selected answers was “staff shortage” (23.5%). The study revealed that there exists a need for biostatistical consultation in local hospitals. However, there are several problems such as staff shortage. In addition to improving the service of each hospital, the development of human resources and the establishment of a system for biostatistical consultation using hospital network may be effective to resolve the problems.

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