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Studies on Flavor to Increase Palatability Using Various Analytical Approaches
Masanobu ONISHI
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2019 Volume 20 Issue 1 Pages 1-5


This paper reviews on various approaches and methodologies for understanding contributing factors to food palatability through flavor analysis. A retronasal aroma simulator (RAS) was used for the analysis of the volatiles released in a mouth cavity during mastication. The flavor products of RASAROMA® series were developed based on RAS analysis to add genuine character to various fruit flavors. A RAS was also utilized as a useful tool to make adjustment of the retronasal aroma profiles, which led to develop flavor products customized for non-calorie drinks that made flavored drinks taste like drinks sweetened with sugar. The effects of milk addition on flavor release were investigated, and a novel procedure has been proposed to predict the relative release of each odorant’s release from milk added drinks to that from water. Some of the contributing factors to food palatability have been revealed by these findings, but full understanding of the palatability is still under way.

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