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Studies on Glugea Infection of the Ayu, Plecoglossus altivelis—III
Effect of Water Temperature on the Development of Xenoma of Glugea plecoglossi
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1977 Volume 11 Issue 4 Pages 195-200


To know the effect of water temperature on the development of xenoma of Glugea plecoglossi inoculation experiments were conducted by utilizing two sources of water of different temperatures.
Experimental animals were ayu fingerlings weighing an average of 0.68g.
Experimental animals were infected with G. plecoglossi regardless of water temperature(12.8°Cand 18°C). The progress of schizogony and sporogony, however, was significantly affected by differences in temperature. In fish kept at temperatures below 16°C xenomas remained without showing active schizognoy in the submucosa and muscle layers of the intestinal wall.When the fish were transferred to 18deg;C and above schizogony became immediately active and xenomas started to hypertrophy and move to the abdominal cavity. While host responces became active and “glugea cysts”were formed. The progress of schizogony and sporogony were retarded when fish were transferred from higher temperature to lower temperatures below 18°C. It was suggested from these results that glugeasis of the ayu may be prevented by keeping the temperature of culturing water at 17°C and below.

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