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Molecular Analysis of Complement Regulatory Protein-Like cDNA Composed of 12 Tandem SCRs from the Japanese Flounder
Takayuki KatagiriIkuo HironoTakashi Aoki
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1998 Volume 33 Issue 4 Pages 351-355


We cloned and analyzed a complement regulatory protein-like cDNA termed HCRF-2 from a liver cDNA library of the Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus. The cDNA was 3101 bp in length and the predicted translation product of 737 amino acids contains a hydrophobic signal sequence followed by a stretch of 12 short consensus repeats (SCRs). These SCRs were closely related to those of the previously described SBP1 of complement regulatory plasma protein of barred sand bass. SCR domains Nos. 1 to 12 of HCRF-2 resembled domains Nos. 1 to 10 of SBP1. Recently, we reported a complement regulatory protein-like cDNA designated HCRF that contained 7 SCRs. SCR domains Nos. 2 to 7 of HCRF resembled domains Nos. 12 to 17 of SBP1, but SCR domains of HCRF did not resemble those of HCRF-2. In these comparisons, schematic models of HCRF, HCRF-2 and SBP1 clearly showed their close relationship, indicating that these cDNAs originated from the same ancestral gene.

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