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Correlation between Competencies and Difficulties Related to the Creation of Projects/Social Resources for Local Government-based Public Health Nurses in Mid- and Late-levels
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2017 Volume 83 Issue 1 Pages 13-25


Objective: This study aimed to investigate the correlation between competencies of local government-based public health nurses in mid-and late-levels and difficulties with implementation faced by them related to the creation of projects/social resources, with the aim of improving their abilities for such development.

Methods: A self-administered, anonymous, and mail questionnaire survey was conducted, involving all full-time public health nurses belonging to local government of Prefecture-A, and the data of 261 mid- and late-level public health nurses were analyzed. Their competencies were measured using the Competency Measurement of Creativity for Public Health Nurse-Creation of Projects/Social Resources [CMC ver. 2010.6], while reviewing the existing literature to extract items related to difficulties with implementation.

Results: On logistic regression analysis, the answer “unclear methods to develop projects and social resources” showed a significant negative correlation with the total, factor 1-, and factor 2-related scores. Such a correlation was also observed between “frequently losing self-confidence due to difficulty in proceeding with plans as scheduled” and the factor 3-related score. In contrast, “the presence of colleagues showing reluctance to take on an increased workload” was significantly and positively correlated with the total score.

Conclusion: In order to improve public health nurses’ competencies, it may be useful to develop post-graduate nursing education systems in consideration of their correlation with difficulties with implementation faced by such nurses confirmed in this study.

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