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The 28th Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management
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The Trace and Features of EPR in ELV Recycling System:Comparison of International Trend
*Shuoyao WangGengyao FanJeongsoo Yu
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Extend Producer Responsibility (EPR) have been practiced and improving constantly in multiple industries. In End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) recycling business, to promote ordinary automobile’s recycling rate while preventing environment pollution, EPR-based recycling law has also been installed. However, due to each country’s unique national condition, dissimilar EPR-based ELV recycling law was implemented, and so, the effect is quite different. Therefore, International coordinate on fair responsibility and/or cost allocation, reasonable utilization of recycling cost is required in the future. On the other hand, prevailing Next-generation brought new challenge in ELV recycling industry. it is obvious that to recycle Next-generation vehicle with efficiency, implementation of advanced recycling technology and more thorough EPR policy is vital. Furthermore, because of this new trend, vehicle manufacturers’ attitude towards ELV recycling may also change greatly in the near future. In this paper, the history trace of EPR, and EPR’s execution situation of EU, Japan, as well as China will be introduced and comparatively analyzed. The future direction of EPR will also be discussed considering the widespread use of Next-generation Vehicle.

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