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An Example of the Measured Loads on the Wheelset
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1959 Volume 2 Issue 8 Pages 526-532


An experimental test of the loads on the wheel passing a curved track, -lateral, vertical, and longitudinal loads, -was carried out for the new B-B-B diesel electric locomotive of type DF 50. The results are as follows : 1) Lateral load : For the leading axle, the lateral loads act from outside towards center of the wheelset for both wheels. As for the inside wheel, the load is nearly independent of the curvature of track, while, for the outer one, it increases as the radius of curve diminishes, attaining a max. value of 5.6 tons (Lateral load/Vertical load=0.7) for 200 m. radius. On the other hand, for the trailing axle, the loads are very small with indefinite directions of action. 2) Vertical load : The vertical loads generally agree with the theoretical values, calculated considering the centrifugal force. 3) Longitudinal load : While the longitudinal load has been hitherto rarely treated theoretically, considerable loads were revealed, attaining a max. value of 1.9 tons. The direction of loads is forward for the outer wheel of the leading axle and the inside wheel of the trailing one, and backward for the remainder.

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