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Utilization of Phenylpropanoids by Pseudomonas putida Soil Isolates and Its Probable Taxonomic Significance
Kazuhiro NonakaHiroyuki OhtaYoshinori SatoKeiichi Hosokawa
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2008 Volume 23 Issue 4 Pages 360-364


Twenty seven soil bacterial isolates able to grow on cinnamic acid or ferulic acid as a sole carbon and energy source were examined for the ability to utilize other phenylpropanoids and phylogenetic interrelationships. A 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis revealed that 26 of the isolates were closely related to Pseudomonas putida biovar A and classified into 6 OTUs: cinnamic acid utilization-positive (OTUs, CN-1 to CN-3) and -negative groups (FR-1 to FR-3). P. putida NBRC 14164T and JCM 13061 belonged to FR-3. A probable reclassification of P. putida was discussed in relation to the utilization of phenylpropanoids.

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