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Comparative Analysis of Bacterial Diversity and Community Structure in the Rhizosphere and Root Endosphere of Two Halophytes, Salicornia europaea and Glaux maritima, Collected from Two Brackish Lakes in Japan
Kosuke YamamotoMinenosuke MatsutaniYuh ShiwaTaichiro IshigeHikaru SakamotoHiromasa SaitohSeiya Tsushima
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2020 Volume 35 Issue 3


Microbial community structures associated with halophytes and their compositions among different habitats, particularly natural saline sites, have not yet been investigated in detail. In the present study, we examined the diversity and composition of the rhizosphere and root endosphere bacteria of two halophytes, Salicornia europaea L. and Glaux maritima L., collected from two adjacent brackish lakes, Lake Notoro and Lake Tofutsu, in Japan. The bacterial species richness and diversity indices of the two halophytes collected from both lakes showed no significant differences in the rhizosphere or root endosphere. In contrast, beta diversity and taxonomic analyses revealed significant differences in the bacterial communities from each halophyte between the two lakes even though the two locations were natural saline sites, indicating that the bacterial communities for S. europaea and G. maritima both fluctuated in a manner that depended on the geographical location. Common and abundant genera associated with each halophyte across the two lakes were then identified to verify the bacterial genera specifically inhabiting each plant species. The results obtained showed that the composition of abundant genera inhabiting each halophyte across two lakes was distinct from that reported previously in other saline soil areas. These results suggest that each halophyte in different geographical sites had an individual complex bacterial community.

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