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Transcriptome and Deletion Mutant Analyses Revealed that an RpoH Family Sigma Factor Is Essential for Photosystem Production in Roseateles depolymerans under Carbon Starvation
Tetsushi SuyamaNanako KannoSatoko MatsukuraKotaro ChiharaNaohiro NodaSatoshi Hanada
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2023 Volume 38 Issue 1 Article ID: ME22072


Roseateles depolymerans is an obligately aerobic bacterium that produces a photosynthetic apparatus only under the scarcity of carbon substrates. We herein examined changes in the transcriptomes of R. depolymerans cells to clarify the expression of photosynthesis genes and their upstream regulatory factors under carbon starvation. Transcriptomes 0, 1, and 6‍ ‍h after the depletion of a carbon substrate indicated that transcripts showing the greatest variations (a 500-fold increase [6 h/0 h]) were light-harvesting proteins (PufA and PufB). Moreover, loci with more than 50-fold increases (6 h/0‍ ‍h) were fully related to the photosynthetic gene cluster. Among 13 sigma factor genes, the transcripts of a sigma 70 family sigma factor related to RpoH (SP70) increased along photosynthesis genes under starvation; therefore, a knockout experiment of SP70 was performed. ΔSP70 mutants were found to lack photosynthetic pigments (carotenoids and bacteriochlo­rophyll a) regardless of carbon starvation. We also examined the effects of heat stress on ΔSP70 mutants, and found that SP70 was also related to heat stress tolerance, similar to other RpoH sigma factors (while heat stress did not trigger photosystem production). The deficient accumulation of photosynthetic pigments and the heat stress tolerance of ΔSP70 mutants were both complemented by the introduction of an intact SP70 gene. Furthermore, the transcription of photosynthetic gene operons (puf, puh, and bch) was markedly reduced in the ΔSP70 mutant. The RpoH homologue SP70 was concluded to be a sigma factor that is essential for the transcription of photosynthetic gene operons in R. depolymerans.

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