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Crystal Structure Formed in Mechanical Alloying Process of Mg-Al-Zn Powder Mixture Using Magnesium Alloy Machined Chips
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2005 Volume 48 Issue 4 Pages 381-386


For making the functional alloy powder from magnesium alloy scrap, Mg-Zn and Mg-Al-Zn powder mixtures, which aluminum and zinc powder were added with various contents to machined chips of AZ31 alloy, were mechanically alloyed for various milling times using planetary ball mill. Crystal phase formed in the obtained powder was investigated by X-ray diffraction and Vickers hardness of the powder particles was measured for confirmations of the formed phases. In the case of Mg-2.5mol%Zn powder mechanically alloyed for long milling time, super-saturated α-Mg phase with 2.5mol%Zn concentration forms. The structures of Mg-28 and 52mol%Zn powder consist of Mg2Zn2 or MgZn2, Mg7Zn3 phases and then these phases become to amorphous phase by milling for prolonged time. In the ternary Mg-Al-Zn system of composition range, which were (30-50)mol%Mg with Al/Zn=(90/10-60/40) molar ratio, Mg-(30-50)mol%Al-20mol%Zn and Mg-(10-30)mol%Al-40mol%Zn, icosahedron Mg49 (Al, Zn) 32 phase as called the quasi crystal forms by the mechanical alloying for 72ks.

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