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Boundary Element Analysis of Sound Fields Around Enclosures with Circular Apertures
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1989 Volume 32 Issue 1 Pages 44-50


This paper describes the application of the boundary element method (BEM) to the three-dimensional analysis of the distribution of sound pressure levels around two kinds of boxlike enclosure models with circular apertures through which sound is radiated. In these analyses, triangular boundary elements are used and it is assumed that the sound pressure and the normal component of the particle velocity on an element are constant. Several mesh models with different numbers of elements are used in order to examine the convergence of the numerical solution. The sound-pressure-level distributions calculated are compared with those measured in detail by way of a sound-visualization technique using three color light-emitting diodes. For both cases of pure tone and 1/3 octave band noise, the calculated results agree fairly well with the measured ones. These results show that the complicated sound fields around such enclosures can be estimated with a high level of accuracy using the BEM.

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