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A Fundamental Study of the Surface Durability of Medium-Hardness Gears : Effects of Combination of Hardness and Surface Roughness
Yasuhiko OUGIYAYasutsune ARIURATsutomu NAKANISHI
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1992 Volume 35 Issue 4 Pages 633-640


The effects of the combination of tooth flank hardness and tooth surface roughness on the surface durability of medium-hardness gears are investigated using a disk machine. The meaning of the difference in hardness between a pair of gears is discussed. In the case where the surface roughnesses differ between contact surfaces with the same initial hardness, severe wear and pitting occur on the smooth surface because the asperities on the rough surface are highly hardeneddue to the repetition of contact. Therefore, it is necessary that the initial hardness of the smooth surface is higher than that of the rough surface in a combination of different sufface roughnesses. This means that the hardness combination between a pair of gears should be determined in consideration of the final condition of the finished tooth surfaces of the gears.

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