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Structure and Mechanical Properties of Injection Molding of Liquid Crystalline Polymer/Polyphenylene Sulfide Binary Blends
Wataru MIZUNOYasutaka HOSONOHiroyuki HAMADAZenichiro MAEKAWAMutuko OHTAMasahiro NAKAMICHIWataru KOSAKA
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1993 Volume 42 Issue 475 Pages 364-370


Mechanical properties of injection moldings of incompatible binary polymer blends are strongly affected by morphology in the moldings. In this study, structure and mechanical properties of injection moldings of liquid crystalline polymer (LCP)/polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) binary polymer blends were investigated. The two polymers are incompatible and form separate phases in the molding. The structure of separate phases is affected very much by the blending ratio. At the low LCP concentration, the LCP forms spherical domains in the core and fibrillar structures in the skin layer. At the high concentration, the layer-structure like LCP is formed. The modulus of moldings increases with increasing LCP concentration whereas the strength decreases because of low interface strength of moldings.

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