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Characteristics of Post-Disruption Runaway Electrons with Impurity Pellet Injection
Yasunori KAWANOTomohide NAKANOAkihiko ISAYAMANobuyuki ASAKURAHiroshi TAMAIHirotaka KUBOHidenobu TAKENAGAMohammad BAKHTIARIShunsuke IDETakashi KONDOHTakaki HATAE
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2005 Volume 81 Issue 8 Pages 593-601


Characteristics of post-disruption runaway electrons with impurity pellet injection were investigated for the first time using the JT-60U tokamak device. A clear deposition of impurity neon ice pellets was observed in a post-disruption runaway plasma. The pellet ablation was attributed to the energy deposition of relativistic runaway electrons in the pellet. A high normalized electron density was stably obtained with nebar/nGW ˜ 2.2. Effects of prompt exhaust of runaway electrons and reduction of runaway plasma current without large amplitude MHD activities were found. One possible explanation for the basic behavior of runaway plasma current is that it follows the balance of avalanche generation of runaway electrons and slowing down predicted by the Andersson-Helander model, including the combined effect of collisional pitch angle scattering and synchrotron radiation. Our results suggested that the impurity pellet injection reduced the energy of runaway electrons in a stepwise manner.

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