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Palliative Care Research
Vol. 11 (2016) No. 4 p. 553-557



Case Report

The current authors encountered a case where administration of venlafaxine alleviated depressive symptoms and neuropathic pain in a patient with bone metastasis of lung cancer. This case involved an 84-year-old woman. The woman suffered a fracture of her right femur due to bone metastasis of lung cancer, so she was transferred to this Department. Upon transfer, pain and depression were noted. The patient was given an increased dose of extended-release oxycodone, but bone pain, neuropathic pain remained. Depression persisted. Venlafaxine was administered, and depression, bone pain, neuropathic pain were alleviated. The current case suggested that venlafaxine is highly efficacious in treating depressive symptoms and neuropathic pain in patients with cancer.

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