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A New Method for Making a Map by Using Dot Representation
Kengo Asakura
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1974 Volume 13 Issue 4 Pages 21-26


A map gives us various kinds of informations accurately. The work to make a map is divided into many stages. In most of these stages, a lot of time and manual labour are necessary.
In order to reduce the time and manual labour, the binary dot devices are used. With the use of these devices, each element-lines, planes, characters, etc.-which constitutes a map is expressed by a set of small dots.
Many computer programs are developed in this paper, and most of them are concerned with figure processing. Actually, the map is produced for simulation.
Moreover, the method developed here can be applied to any kind of digital data, no matter what form they take. Therefore, it may be possible to use this method for the visualization of various kinds of digital data.

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