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Abstracts 2007 Fall meeting of the Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences
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Oral Session 7: Primordial Earth and Degassing
Sep. 26, 13:20-14:59
Experimental study of the physics and chemistry of impact-induced devolatilization
*Sohsuke OhnoToshimori SekineSunao HasegawaSeiji MaruyamaKo IshibashiKosuke KurosawaSeiji SugitaEizo NakamuraTakafumi Matsui
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Devolatilization from rock caused by hypervelocity impacts is believed to have played important roles on early atmosphere formation and the evolution of surface environments of terrestrial planets. In order to apply the results of laboratory experiments to planetary scale impacts, we need to understand detailed physical and chemical process and to establish the scaling law of impact-induced devolatilization. In this talk, we show the result of shock recovery experiment using calcite. The result suggests that the devolatilization from calcite occurs during the release of pressure.

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