Hyomen Kagaku
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Special Issue on the 100th Anniversary of the Madam Curie's Nobel Prize
Bring Notable Beauties into Life Science
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2011 Volume 32 Issue 8 Pages 500-505


On the occasion of the 100th year awarded Nobel Prize to the first woman, Marie Curie, a guideline message for young women researchers is contributed. The personal education and research history based on the observation of female proportion to male classmates and colleagues are provided and discussed. The aim of this message is to be an inspiration of the students in Japanese community who are hesitating to follow the dream of attending higher education or becoming an expert in technological field. The employments and the promotion in the career of female researchers are increasing by the corporation of research institutions according to the human equality and diversity. At present, the interests from governments, international collaborations and funding organizations are co-operating for improving values of the society. It is the time for the new-generation women researchers to find strong motivations, raise the knowledge to develop innovations for supporting the worldwide community.

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