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Dynamic Interaction between Chromatic and Achromatic Mechanisms in the Human Visual System, II Two Pulse measurement
Mikio SHINYAHitoshi OHZU
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1982 Volume 11 Issue 6 Pages 607-615


Hue substitution pulse, i. e. chromatic pulse without luminance change, mainly activates chromatic mechanism, and on the other hand, luminance pulse stimulates only achromatic mechanism. Two pulse technique combinating these pulse was applied to examine the dynamic interaction between chromatic and achromatic mechanisms. The perception probability showed an asynmetric behavior to ISI (interstimulus-interval). This results suggest that this method has some potentials to search this interaction, because the curve shows a synmetric figure when only one of mechanisms is activated. Furthermore, the maximum point and minimum point of the curves were exchanged when red light took the place of green light as a chromatic stimulus. These results were explained by a simple linear model of colour vision.

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