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The Review of Laser Engineering
Vol. 30 (2002) No. 4 P 185-192



Laser Review

A vast new field of unique and exciting high power laser applications has now opened. The ability to generate high intensity of laser pulse radiation leads to the creation of extreme conditions. Typical performance of laser parameters are the peak power 100 TW, pulse duration 10 fs and pulse energy 1 joule. When the laser pulse concentrates on a target, the following extreme conditions can create never before achieved in the laboratory, the power intensity 1020 W/cm2, electric field 1011 V/cm, magnetic field 109 gauss, temperature 1010 °K, pressure 109 bar and acceleration 1026 cm/s. These advanced laser systems have been accomplished by a new technique chirped pulse amplification and the development of optronics materials. The tabletop lasers are implemented which can deliver the very high power comparable to the large fusion lasers such as NOVA and GEKKO XII. The relativistic regime has been provided by using a PW laser in the new era.

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