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On the specific names of the Japanese moles of the genus Mogera (Insectivora, Talpidae)
Masaharu MOTOKAWAHisashi ABE
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1996 Volume 21 Issue 2 Pages 115-123


The original designation of the lectotype of Mogera wogura (Temminck, 1842) by Corbet (1978) is incomplete, but the specimen RNH28684 which Corbet probably intended to designate is taken as the lectotype. Moles from the southern half of the Japanese main islands well coincide with RNH28684 in important diagnostic characters. Thus the name M. wogura should be given to these moles as concluded in Abe (1995). The name M. minor Kuroda, 1936 which Abe (1995) adopted for the moles found in the northern half is invalid and should be changed to M. imaizumii (Kuroda, 1957) in accordance with the Article 59b of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, the third edition (1985). Except for the name alternation from M. minor to M. imaizumii, there is nothing to change the synonym list for this species and for M. wogura in Abe (1995).

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