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Sugilite, a new silicate mineral from Iwagi Islet, Southwest Japan
Nobuhide MURAKAMIToshio KATOYasunori MIÚRAFumitoshi HIROWATARI
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1976 Volume 8 Issue 2 Pages 110-121


Sugilite occurs as an essential mineral amounting to 3–8 percent by volume in aegirine syenite from Iwagi Islet, Ehime Prefecture. It is associated with albite, aegirine, pectolite and a Ca-K-Ti silicate (a still to be identified mineral). Sugilite is light brownish yellow, luster vitreous, streak white. Symmetry hexagonal. Cleavage 0001 weak. Hardness 6–61/2. Specific gravity 2.802 (calc.), 2.74 (meas.).
Under the microscope, it is uniaxial negative with ε=1.607, ω=1.610, ω−ε=0.003, and colorless.
Estimated chemical composition is SiO2 71.38, TiO2 0.51, A12O3 2.97, Fe2O3 12.76, FeO 0.19, Li2O 3.14, Na2O 4.37, K2O 3.76, H2O(+) 0.81, H2O(−) 0.12, total 100.01%, corresponding ideally to (K, Na)((H2O), Na)2(Fe3+, Na, Ti, Fe2+)2(Li, Al, Fe3+)3(Si12O30) with Z=2.
The unit cell dimensions are a0=10.007(2), c0=14.000(2)Å. Space group D26hP6⁄mcc. X-ray powder data resemble those for sodgianite, milarite, osumilite, merrihueite, roedderite and brannockite.
It is clear from the above-cited data that sugilite has milarite-type structure and resembles sodgianite and brannockite in containing lithium in tetrahedral site, but it is distinguished by a high content of ferric iron in 6-coordination.
The name is given in honour of the late Professor Ken-ichi Sugi (1901-1948), who first found the occurrence of this mineral with Mr. M. Kutsuna.

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