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ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications
Vol. 1 (2013) No. 2 p. 101-117



Special Section on Multimedia Content Analysis

This paper addresses a framework that facilitates the semi-automated authoring of already edited new stories available in the repository of a news corporation or a public broadcast video archive. The newly generated video explains the chronological development of a current event, such as the resignation of a Prime Minister. The aim is to facilitate a journalist with an audio-visual body based on which he/she can finalize the explanatory piece. The framework introduces techniques that exploit demoscopic data in form of polls for the development of the general story outline; the automatic retrieval of relevant material by using a combination of event templates and automatic news summarization over topic threads; and the generation of the final video by applying a set of trimming rules. Example generations are presented and discussed, and an outline of future work is presented.

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