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ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications
Vol. 2 (2014) No. 3 p. 225-235



Special Section on Digitial Museum Technology

This paper propose and evaluate the Reliving Past Scene Experience system using augmented reality technology. This system overlays past scenes in video materials onto the real environment and makes users to experience how the camera operator captured the scene by inducing them to move as in the same way as the operator. By inducing users to move in the same way as the camera operator unconsciously, the system make them feel as if they look around in the past scene on their own will. For this purpose we proposed three induction techniques: induction for preventing unintentional movements, starting to move and appropriate rotation. We implemented these in a system which relives videos of old railways and exhibited it at THE RAILWAY MUSEUM for two weeks. Results of analyzing users' operational log and questionnaires suggest that proposed system and interaction techniques are effective to relive past scene experiences in real environment.

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