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ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications
Vol. 3 (2015) No. 4 p. 279-286



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This paper proposes a system that provides the sensation of touching virtual objects in a mobile touch panel using a retractable stylus and the mobile touch panel. The proposed system provides a sensation like the stylus is being inserted into the monitor, and that the user is actually touching the object in the screen when the user pushes a retractable stylus downward on the display. A DC motor is mounted in the retractable stylus, and this motor shrinks the length of the stylus based on feedback from a pressure sensor in the tip of the stylus. When the tip of the virtual stylus touches a virtual object, a voice coil motor in the stylus oscillates according to the surface of the virtual object. So the user experiences a sensation like touching the object on the monitor by using the proposed system.

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