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Taxonomic studies of Japanese Formicidae part 3: genus Vollenhovia Mayr

1997 Volume 2 Pages 1-8


Four new species of the genus Vollenhovia are described and figured; V. benzai from Kyushu, Shikoku, Yaku-shima and the Amami Is., V. amamiana from the Amami Is., V. okinawana from Okinawa-jima, and V. sakishimana from the Sakishima and the Ogasawara Isles. Vollenhovia benzai is separated from the other East Asian congeners by the low subpetiolar process and the convex dorsal outline of the postpetiole, V. amamiana by the developed subpetiolar process and the absence of propodeal teeth, V. okinawana by the presence of the unsculptured longitudinal band on the dorsum of promesonotum and the shape of the dorsal outline of the postpetiole (highest at posterior 1/3 in profile) , and V. sakishimana by the developed subpetiolar process, the absence of a large brown spot on frons, and the yellowish body. A tentativ ekey is given based on the worker and a distribution map to the species is also provided.

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