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Use of “AminoIndex Technology” for Cancer Screening
Naoyuki Okamoto
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2012 Volume 26 Issue 6 Pages 911-922


Amino acids play a central role in many biological activities. Several recent studies have reported that plasma amino acids can be used as biomarkers to assess disease risk or progression, or to select proper treatment. This review summarizes recent clinical research using a novel approach of multivariate analysis called “AminoIndex Technology”, which is based on plasma amino acids profile for cancer screening. A multicenter study was conducted to explore and validate the application of “AminoIndex Technology” to cancer screening for gastric, lung, colorectal, prostate, and breast cancers. AminoIndex® Cancer Screening (AICS) scoring involves evaluating cancer based on amino acid concentrations using 5 types of AICS values. AICS enables simultaneous testing for multiple cancers regardless of cancer or tissue type. Furthermore, because AICS can detect stage II (stage B) or earlier cancers and can easily be performed on a plasma sample, it can be conducted in conjunction with comprehensive medical examinations or regular health check-ups. It is expected that “AminoIndex Technology” will be applied to cancer screening and various other areas of clinical utility.

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