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Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE
Vol. 4 (2013) No. 3 pp. 284-298



Special section on Nonlinear Vibration in Mechanical Systems and Its Control-from Nano to Macro-

In this paper, we propose an indirect suspension system that is analogous to a nano-suspension system with a cantilever-like atomic force microscope. The proposed system mainly consists of an electromagnet, a permanent magnet and a target. These magnets are arranged perpendicular to each other. In this system, the current flowing in the electromagnet is the only adjustable parameter, and the magnetic field created by the electromagnet hardly affects the target because of the distance between them. Thus suspension of the target is possible by the dynamically controlled permanent magnet. The indirect suspension system is modeled by a magnetic charge model. The validity of the model is confirmed using a simple system where the permanent magnet is suspended by an electromagnet. A proportional-derivative controller is designed for the indirect suspension using the model. The experimental and numerical results confirm that the target is successfully suspended.

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