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Effect of a root-raised-cosine filter on a BPSK stochastic resonance receiver
Yasuo NakashimaHiroya TanakaTakaya YamazatoYukihiro TadokoroShintaro Arai
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Volume 8 (2017) Issue 3 Pages 204-214

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Signal filtering is necessary for wireless communication. However it causes the signal amplitude to fluctuate and affects the performance of stochastic resonance (SR) receivers. In this study, we evaluate the bit error rate (BER) performance of filtered binary phase-shift keying(BPSK) on an SR receiver. The results show that filtering improves the BER performance of the SR receiver because the amplitude fluctuation contributes to improving the SR effect. We also evaluate the effect of the roll-off factor, which determines the bandwidth of the filter and the amplitude fluctuation. The results demonstrate the applicability of the SR receiver to bandlimited BPSK signals.

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