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Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE
Vol. 8 (2017) No. 3 pp. 215-223



Special Section on Communication Sciences and Engineering

Vector Stream Cipher (VSC) is a stream cipher which consists of permutation polynomial over a ring of modulo 2w. The algorithm for generating key stream is very simple and the encryption is very fast. Some theoretical attacks for VSC have been reported so far since the invention of VSC in 2004. Then, the authors proposed some improvements and developed “Vector Stream Cipher 2.0 (VSC 2.0)” to be immune against the theoretical attacks. In this paper, we propose further improvement of VSC 2.0 to publish as a new chaos cipher “Vector Stream Cipher 2.1 (VSC2.1)”. VSC 2.1 is faster and more secure than VSC 2.0. Our result suggests that permutation polynomials over a ring of modulo 2w are useful for cryptography.

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