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A Newly-Discovered Middle Persian Clay Sealing from Khorrambid, Fārs
Hassan Rezai BAGHBIDIMir Mohammad HASSANI
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2022 Volume 57 Pages 145-151


The study of Sasanian and post-Sasanian Middle Persian seals and sealings is not only important because of the personal and place-names they contain, but also indispensable for a better understanding of the administrative divisions and titles of the Sasanian period (224–651 AD) which continued, to some extent, in the early Islamic period. The Middle Persian clay sealing discussed in this paper, which is now kept in a private collection, was discovered in Khorrambid County in the north of Fārs Province, Iran. It contains three seal impressions of different sizes, two of which having Middle Persian inscriptions. As it will be shown in the paper, the reading of the inscriptions reveals that the large “official" seal impression belongs to the mowūh of Kōmih-Nahrhādān-Wēd in the province of Staxr. The “personal" seal impression belongs to a certain Ādurmihr, son of Xwadāymard, who must have been the owner of the item to which the clay sealing had been attached with a cord.

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