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Uniaxial Extension Behavior of Cross-Linked Poly (methyl methacrylate)s with Various Degrees of Cross-Linking
Koji OguraMasaoki Takahashi
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2003 Volume 31 Issue 2 Pages 85-89


Cross-linked poly(methyl methacrylate)s with various degrees of cross-linking were prepared, and their swelling, dynamic viscoelasticity and uniaxial extension behavior was investigated. For each sample, the values of molecular weight Mc between cross-links (and trapped entanglements) evaluated from the equilibrium modulus Geq and the Mooney-Rivlin constants (C 1+C2) are comparable, while Mc evaluated from the gel fraction is somewhat higher than those values. It is suggested from the data of excess storage modulus (G'Geq) and the Mooney-Rivlin constant C2 that untrapped entanglement density decreases slightly while trapped entanglement density increases slightly with increasing degree of cross-linking. The strain-hardening tendency at constant strain rates becomes weaker with increasing cross-linking degree, and the strain-hardening does not appear when M c approaches the entanglement molecular weight Me. It is suggested for cross-linked polymers with rather high cross-linking density that chain breakage will occur before chain strands between cross-links stretch enough to result in the strain-hardening.

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