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Checklists of Trichoptera in Japan
2. Glossosomatidae, Beraeidae, Odontoceridae and Molannidae
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1994 Volume 55 Issue 4 Pages 297-305


This second in a series of checklists of Japanese Trichoptera deals with 20 species (4 genera) of Glossosomatidae, one species of Beraeidae, 4 species (2 genera) of Odontoceridae and 3 species (2 genera) of Molannidae. The following species were wrongly recorded from Japan due to misidentification of larvae ; Agapetus comatus PJCTET, Agapetus fuscipes CURTIS, Glossosoma boltoni CURTIS and Glossosoma vernale PICTET. We designated as valid two names, Agapetus budoensis KOBAYASHI and Glos-sosoma uogatanum KOBAYASHI, from the original descriptions.
In Glossosomatidae, we suggested five taxonomical problems : description of Agapetus annulicornis (MATSUMURA) was insufficient for specific identification ; many descriptions of larvae were also insufficient for specific and, at times, generic identification ; 3)relationships of subgenera Mystroglossa and Synafophora should be clarified ; Glossosoma inops (TSUDA) should be compared with similar species in adjacent districts ; 5)an unnamed 'species' recorded from Hokkaido has not yet been identified, though the fine figures of male genitalia were provided.
In Odontoceridae, three taxonomical problems remain : 1)geographical variations of Perissoneura species, P. paradoxa McLACHLAN and P. similis BANKS, have not been studied ; 2)the holotype of Psilotreta armata MARTYNOV awaits reexamination ; 3) status of one unnamed 'species' of Psilotreta from the Ryukyus is not yet described.
In Molannidae, the type material of Molanna nervosa ULMER should be reexamined and compared with materials recently obtained from Hokkaido and Honshu.

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