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Radiation Safety Management
Vol. 16 (2017) p. 1-7




 A modified integral counting method (MICM) with various quenched samples (MICM-VQ) has been investigated for its applicability for different scintillators using β emitters, 14C and 35S. To assess the influence of scintillators, three sets of 14C quenched standards and two 35S cocktail series were prepared. Two sets of 14C quenched standards were used for the toluene-compatible scintillator, the other for the Ultima GoldTM scintillator. Sulfur-35 cocktail series were prepared with either EcoscintTM XR or Ultima GoldTM AB. The radioactivity of these samples was determined using the MICM-VQ, with the results conforming to assayed values. Hence the MICM-VQ can assay the radioactivity of sample cocktails with various scintillators and requires no standard sample.

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