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Isolation of a Halotolerant Streptomyces sp. from a Constructed Wetland that Biodegrade Phenol and Various Biopolymers
Eyal KurzbaumYoram ZimmelsRobert Armon
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2010 Volume 24 Issue 2 Pages 31-38


In the present study, Streptomyces sp. CW1 was isolated from a constructed wetland system mesocosm and identified as such based on 16S rDNA analysis, and additional biochemical properties were evaluated. This isolate was found to be halotolerant (up to 11% NaCl) and able to grow and utilize biopolymers such as: agarose, agar, gellan gum (a bacterial polysaccharide), polypectate and chitin as the sole carbon and energy source. Since the primary isolation was performed based on its capability to degrade phenol, the high cell yield coefficient showed rapid growth on phenol (0.82–0.98 mg dry biomass/mg phenol). Its halotolerance and the capability to biodegrade biopolymers found mainly in the marine environments, suggest on its primordial oceanic origin. In the present study some of its characteristics are described and discussed along with its beneficial use for wastewater purification processes in constructed wetland systems.

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