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Vol. 47 (2007) No. 1 P 67-78




The strain non-uniformity due to the end restraint for a deforming specimen during triaxial testing of clay specimens was minimized in this study using lubricated end platens. This research presents the evidence of the occurrence of strain localization due to shear banding within the clay specimen by using DIA (Digital Image Analysis) technique. The variation in strain localization patterns of soil specimen is also studied for evaluating the influence of confining stress, loading conditions, stress history, drainage conditions, and soil's microfabric (geometric arrangement of clay platelets) by performing a series of lubricated-end triaxial tests on solid cylindrical specimens of Kaolin clay. This paper presents a comparative study based on the observed orientation of shear band formation, and the intensity of strain localization (by estimating the maximum local strain) within the specimen during its shear deformation process.

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