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Chromosome numbers of 44 taxa of Leguminosae in Japan
Kyoko SatoTakahiro YamazakiYoshikane Iwatsubo
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2022 Volume 25 Issue 3-4 Pages 61-87


Chromosome numbers were determined for 44 taxa of the Leguminosae, divided into 28 genera. For the Mimosoideae subfamily: Tribe Mimoseae, Mimosa pudica (2n=78) and Tribe Ingeae, Albizia julibrissin (2n=26); for the Caesalpinioideae subfamily: Tribe Cassieae, Chamaecrista nomame (2n=16); and for the Papilionoideae subfamily: Tribe Sophoreae, Sophora flavescens (2n=18), Tribe Thermopsideae, Thermopsis lupinoides (2n=18), Tribe Trifolieae, Medicago polymorpha (2n=14), Medicago lupulina (2n=16), Trifolium pratense (2n=14), Trifolium repens (2n=32), Trifolium hybridum (2n=16), Trifolium dubium (2n=30), Tribe Loteae, Lotus corniculatus subsp. japonicus (2n=12), Lotus corniculatus subsp. corniculatus (2n=12, 24), Tribe Fabeae, Vicia sativa subsp. nigra (2n=12), Vicia tetrasperma (2n=14), Vicia hirsuta (2n=14), Vicia amoena (2n=24), Vicia japonica (2n=12), Vicia unijuga (2n=24), Lathyrus japonicus (2n=14), Lathyrus palustris (2n=14, 42), Tribe Galegeae, Astragalus sinicus (2n=16, 32), Astragalus membranaceus (2n=16), Oxytropis campestris (2n=48), Tribe Indigofereae, Indigofera bungeana (2n=16), Tribe Robinieae, Robinia pseudoacacia (2n=22), Amorpha fruticosa (2n=40), Tribe Millettieae, Wisteria brachybotrys (2n=16), Wisteria japonica (2n=16), Tribe Phaseoleae, Rhynchosia volubilis (2n=22), Vigna angularis var. nipponensis(2n=22), Pueraria lobata (2n=22), Canavalia lineata (2n=22), Glycine max subsp. soja (2n=40), Glycine max subsp. max (2n=40), Dumasia truncata (2n=20), Amphicarpaea edgeworthii (2n=22), Tribe Dalbergieae, Aeschynomene indica (2n=40), and Tribe Desmodieae, Kummerowia striata (2n=22), Lespedeza bicolor (2n=22), Lespedeza pilosa (2n=20), Lespedeza cuneata (2n=20), Desmodium paniculatum (2n=22), Hylodesmum podocarpum subsp. oxyphyllum (2n=22).

First chromosome counts were determined for Wisteria japonica (2n=16). New chromosome counts were determined for the following three species: Mimosa pudica (2n=78), Trifolium dubium (2n=30) and Astragalus sinicus (2n=32).

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