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Synthesis of Alkaline Terbium Tungstates and Molybdates by Solid-State Reaction and their Luminescence Properties
Tsutomu ODAKIKazuaki HASHIMOTOYbshitomo TODA
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2006 Volume 79 Issue 12 Pages 519-525


Alkaline terbium tungstates were investigated as a green-light-emitting phosphor for n-UV LEDs. We prepared the compounds using a solid-state reaction, and investigated their luminescence properties. We also investigated the effect of substitution by alkali metal ions and Mo6+ ions to improve the emission intensity. The synthesized phosphors showed sharp excitation and emission spectra due to the 4f-4f electronic transition of the Tb3+ ions. The luminescence intensity was increased by substituting with Na+ ions and K+ions at concentrations of 40% and 6%, respectively. However, the emission intensity substantially decreased by substituting with Mo6+ ions. We considered that this is due to shifting of the 5d level in the Tb3+ ions by increasing the substituted ion content.

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