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Two Groups of Calligraphic Styles Found in Zhenmupings in the Houhan Period
Akihiro IDA
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2020 Volume 2020 Issue 30 Pages 25-38,160-159


  Focusing on Zhenmupings buried in tombs of the Houhan period, this paper identifies the characteristics of the calligraphic styles found on Zhenmupings in line with an archaeological indication that finds two groups among them. The paper also examines the background that produced the two groups of Zhenmupings.

  Zhenmupings are classified into two types based on their location in the tomb, addressor, and shape: the Henan type, and the Shaanxi type. In line with this approach, the author classified Zhenmupings into these two groups and analyzed them from the perspectives of calligraphic style, letter shape, letter placement, and lettering style. The results indicated the existence of the two groups in Zhenmupings also in terms of calligraphy, with a significant difference between them found in the use of formal or informal lettering styles. Since calligraphers of Zhenmupings are considered to have been able to manage more than one lettering style, it is reasonable to presume that they recognized each of the two lettering styles as an independent style.

  In addition, the results of integrated examinations of overall elements that differentiated Zhenmupings into the two groups indicate that the differentiation occurred during the period around the reign of Huandi, with the possibility that the popularity of the spirit of Guoli played a role as a background factor in facilitating the differentiation.

  This paper looks at the significance of Zhenmupings as clues to an understanding of the recognition of lettering styles by the people in those periods and as materials to understand changes in spirit during the later Houhan period. Thus, the paper has significance from the perspective that it suggests the materialistic value of Zhenmupings, to which less attention has been paid traditionally.

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