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Characteristics of Supercells in the Rainband of Numerically Simulated Cyclone Sidr
Nasreen AkterKazuhisa Tsuboki
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2010 Volume 6A Issue SpecialEdition Pages 25-28


Cyclone Sidr had an intense rainband east of the cyclone center. The rainband exhibited two strong convective lines (band axes) composed of convective cells. To study the characteristics of the convective cells, a simulation was performed at 1-km resolution by using a cloud-resolving model. In both band axes, some cells showed the characteristic structure of a supercell. Supercells within the outer axis had stronger updraft, more intense precipitation, and a longer lifetime than those of the inner axis. The values of the CAPE and helicity are different in the strong vertical shear environment of the inner and outer axes. A large moisture flux was present throughout the troposphere on the east side of the outer axis. On the other hand, the upper level west of the inner axis was relatively dry. These are additional factors affecting the differences in cell characteristics in the two band axes.

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