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Effect of Various Blanking Conditions on Properties of Cut Surface of Amorphous Alloy Foil and Tool Life
Nobuhiro KOGAShohei OKADATakashi YAMAGUCHI
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2018 Volume 59 Issue 692 Pages 176-180


The power consumption of motors is considered to account for ~40% of total power consumption in the world. The demand for reducing the power consumption of motors, that is, improving their efficiency, has been increasing. One measure to meet this demand is the use of an amorphous motor with a motor core made of amorphous alloy foil. However, amorphous alloy is highly brittle and the material itself is a thin foil. Therefore, the production of motor cores by blanking using a highly efficient press machine has been considered difficult thus far. The authors aimed at the practical application of highly efficient cutting of amorphous alloy foil by warm blanking. The effect of various blanking conditions on the properties of the cut surface and tool wear was experimentally examined. The results indicate that cut surfaces free from defects such as cracks can be stably obtained by blanking at a heating temperature in the range of 200, even under relatively large clearance. In addition, it was experimentally demonstrated that the excellent magnetic properties of amorphous alloy foil are not lost during warm blanking in the range of 200 and that blanking tools are not deteriorated by heat.

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