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The effects of the media on the motivations of earthquake preparedness
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Volume 21 (2011) Issue 1 Pages 33-42

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This study examined the effects of the media on the dual-motivation model of earthquake preparedness. The model proposed that earthquake preparedness was determined by two motivations: the intentional motivation that leads to taking an action consciously and the unintentional motivation elicited by the quiet situation affording not to take an action. 92 university students in Sendai city and 96 university students in Nagoya city answered questionnaire. The results indicated that both intentional and unintentional motivations predicted earthquake preparedness. Moreover, students in Nagoya city engaged in more earthquake preparedness activities than students in Sendai city. Between Sendai and Nagoya samples, we found the differences of the direct effects on earthquake preparedness and the indirect effects through the determinants of the model on earthquake preparedness in local and personal media. This study highlights the importance of the role that media plays in promoting earthquake preparedness.

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