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A numerical study on internal waves induced by a typhoon around a continental shelf
Taro KakinumaKeisuke Nakayama
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2007 Volume 1 Pages 1-4


Three-dimensional simulation of offshore currents induced by a traveling typhoon of strong winds and low pressure was performed assuming initial two-layer stratification of the sea water. The typhoon generates horizontal circulation involving divergence due to the Coriolis force, resulting in vertical circulation, which flows through the density interface. Accordingly, part of the interface is raised. The interface shows a wave train, which has the near-inertial period and propagates onshore at almost the same velocity as the passing velocity of the typhoon. The interfacial waves show their largest wave height just in front of the edge of the continental shelf, after which they separate into three components: transmitted, reflected, and orthogonal waves. The orthogonal waves turn left over the shelf edge in the northern hemisphere.

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