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Desorption Behavior of Lithium from Granulated Adsorbent
Recovery of Lithium from Sea Water by Manganese Oxide Adsorbent (Part 18)
Yoshitaka MIYAIHirofumi KANOHQi FENGKenta OOI
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1994 Volume 48 Issue 6 Pages 416-420


The desorption properties of lithium was investigated by both a batch and a column method using granulated adsorbent (diameter 0.7-1.0 mm) with a lithium content of 16.5 mg·g-1 at 25°C. The batch study showed that 83% of lithium was desorbed by treatment with a 0.5 N HCl solution for 1 h. A little amount (1%) of manganese was dissolved during the acid treatment. A solution containing 2,100 mg·dm-3 lithium was obtained by a multistage desorption (5 stages). The column desorption study showed that the elution curves varied depending on HCl concentration. More than 92% of the adsorbed-lithium was eluted by passing a 0.5 N HCl solution with a volume of 1.5 time that of the adsorbent. The lithium concentration of the eluate reached 1,400 mg·dm-3. Alkaline earth metal ions and the other alkali metal ions in the adsorbent were also eluted to the HCl solution at nearly the same retention time as that of lithium

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