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Convergent-Divergent Injection Lance for the Enhancement of Combustion Efficiency of Pulverized Coal at Blast Furnace
Ryota MuraiYusuke KashiharaAkinori MuraoMichitaka Sato
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2017 Volume 103 Issue 11 Pages 609-616


To achieve a high rate injection of pulverized coal into a blast furnace, it is so important to increase a combustion efficiency of pulverized coal. Enhancement of particle dispersion is one of the measures to increase combustion efficiency by accelerating oxygen-coal particle mixture in blowpipe to tuyere region. To realize this, it is found that convergent - divergent injection lance designed on the basis of fluid dynamics has superior characteristics. Divergence angle of the lance is optimized as the maximum angle free from the flow separation phenomenon in the boundary layer and convergence angle of the lance is optimized considering the inertia of coal particle in the gas-solid two phase flow. Optimum divergence angle and convergence angle is found to be 7 and 5 degrees respectively. Direct observation results by offline apparatus, hot model experiments and even in the actual blast furnace proves that dispersion of pulverized coal particles is enhanced considerably.

It is confirmed that permeability is improved at an actual blast furnace when the developed lances are installed. This result suggests that high combustion efficiency had been achieved by the enhancement of particle dispersibility.

It is thought that the convergent - divergent lance can be one of the practical solutions for the stable operation with high rate injection of pulverized coal because the lance can be installed almost all blast furnaces easily by its simple configuration without a large amount of investment.

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